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It’s Week 31 and we are exploring ’resentful’. 


It doesn’t matter whether you like or dislike someone; even loving someone doesn’t proof you against feeling resentful. It can creep into any relationship where anger remains unexpressed. While resentment mostly relates to a sense of injustice or wrongdoing; to missing out; not being recognised or taken advantage of, it can also originate in jealousy or envy; discrimination or humiliation. 


Are there actually benefits to feeling resentful? Yes. Whenever you feel bitter, it’s a sign that you aren’t speaking up. That it’s high time to express your anger, frustration or disappointment before things descend into loss of trust and respect. 


You may wonder why we are focusing on resentment after forgiveness. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Well, it is easy to get stuck in a feeling that can be quite intense, so I thought it was important that we first explore how to get out of resentment before diving in. This way you can allow yourself to fully feel what it feels like and know how to let go. My invitation: Use this week to feel whatever resentment may be lurking in the background and take the opportunity to either clear the air or forgive. 


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Angela Heise

Angela Heise

Angela has spent her whole life dedicated to understanding the ‘why’ behind human behaviour, to then be able to help people improve their life and relationships by better understanding themselves and others.

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