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The power of perception

We started out the year with a promise: 2020 was going to be the time of perfect vision. We were going to create a brand-new future. How does the old saying go? Be careful what you wish for?
Angela Heise
August 23, 2020


When Socrates spoke about “care of the self” more than 2,500 years ago, his definition of self-care was one of “care for the soul”, the search for self-knowledge, and the understanding of ourselves beyond body, status, wealth, and reputation. As he explained: “Once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves, but otherwisewe never shall.”
Angela Heise
September 27, 2020

Positively Positive

It is easy to say "just think positive" when your biology is not designed to. The fact is, your brain is supposed to alert you to anything that doesn’t work and which may threaten your survival.
Angela Heise
October 24, 2020


Angela's management and coaching course was an excellent mixture of small group and individual coaching sessions. The small group sessions kept a fairly disparate group of participants interested in each lesson. Certainly very different to any other course I've taken. The individual coaching sessions focused on personal goals in all aspects of life and not just work life. The course covered a broad range of topics in a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting way. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone interested or already in a management role.

Mike CrothersGeneral Manager – RCS, Sydney

While training with Angela I have learned to remove those barriers that were holding me back from achieving my potential, both personally and professionally. The results I have obtained have exceeded my own expectations. Her professional and understanding approach have played a major role in helping me reach a new level in my life. Angela is passionate and fully committed, which are essential ingredients for anyone who is serious about further personal and professional development.

M.CarboneCEO – Learn-Different, Germany

Committed to continuous learning and development to provide a thoughtful and extensive set of tools to develop leaders in the real world today. This is supported by coaching to enable individuals to make the learning real and own-able while holding you accountable but with direction and assistance. Unique depth of knowledge and approach that has accelerated the development of many.

David FishManaging Director – Aegis Media ANZ, Sydney

I found Angela to be insightful in her reading of situations and circumstances, and empathetic in communicating ideas and concepts with me.

Sharlene GlennieHR Manager – PMP Print, Moorebank

I have thoroughly enjoyed my training with Angela and feel it has allowed me to gain a new perspective on so many things; my goals, how I interact with other people in my personal life and at work alike, and what is important to me. I feel like I have grown a lot as a result of the coaching sessions and am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to meet Angela and to participate in this training. Thank you!

Harriet LeggHead of Tactics – Fox FM, Melbourne

I've been through many different training programs. It was only when I began working with Angela that I started to realise my full potential. Angela engages with you from the moment you meet her, and it's like she can read your mind. She is smart, and is always working at growing herself personally and professionally, which benefits the people she works with too. I always enjoyed my time working with Angela, and consider her the best corporate coach I have worked with.

Barry KeohaneGeneral Manager - Content, Adrep Advertising Services Pty Ltd, Beijing, China