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It’s Week 30 and we are feeling into forgiving, a complex emotion.


There are two parts to forgiveness: The act of absolving someone and the feeling of completely having let go of anger and resentment. One does not necessarily include the other.


Sometimes people hang on to their grievance because they feel that by forgiving the other person they are condoning what was done. The act of forgiving is not about whether they deserve it. Forgiveness is a conscious decision, the willingness to let go. You will know that you have truly forgiven when you feel inner peace no matter whether the other person has acknowledged that they have hurt you or not, deliberately or unintentionally. Genuine forgiveness is independent of whether the other person has shown remorse. 


For this week, I am inviting you to feel into deep forgiveness. I am also asking you to include yourself, which is often harder to do. Forgive yourself for your part, for something you may berate yourself for and release yourself from guilt. If another person is involved, either take action or let go of the need for acknowledgment. Especially if none is forthcoming even after you have made amends. First and foremost, forgiving is an act of self-love.


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Angela Heise

Angela Heise

Angela has spent her whole life dedicated to understanding the ‘why’ behind human behaviour, to then be able to help people improve their life and relationships by better understanding themselves and others.

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