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The Emotional Productivity Online Program

I am very excited to announce that the Emotional Productivity Transformation Program will soon be available as an online program.

Building on 40 years of my own personal development and 25 years of working as a coach and trainer, the Emotional Productivity Program (EPP) is the culmination of a lifetime of learning and practical experience. It contains the essential abilities I worked out over the years that are needed to build functional relationships with yourself and others and that are the foundation to health, success and fulfilment.

In short, these are the skills I and many of my clients wished we had learned early in life and that are not explicitly taught in schools or modelled in many families. I have distilled them into Eleven Practices, helping you to develop the crucial emotional intelligence and social intelligence competencies, the so-called ’soft skills’, that are – so studies have shown – more important than ever if you want to succeed and thrive in 21st century life and work.

The online program is built as a self-paced course, packed full of useful information and practical exercises in small learning bytes, allowing you to stretch out of your comfort zone and continue with your everyday life. You will also have access to regular webinars and other tools to support you on your journey and ensure your success.

Please register your interest below, so we can let you know when the Emotional Productivity Online Program is ready for you to explore.

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