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It’s Week 25 and we are feeling ‘confident’.


There are two ways to feel confident: from the outside in or from the inside out. One is about behaviour, the other one comes from self-belief.


For this week, become aware of the feedback loop between the two and notice how self-assured behaviour supports inner composure and vice versa. 


I am inviting you to have some fun with this and adopt the mindset of a child. Do you remember how you play-acted and created scenarios with toys and other children? Pretending was enjoyable and allowed you to build competence through practice. The more you practiced and faked it until you made it, the more confident you became in your skills. The more skilled you became, the more you trusted yourself, the more confident you felt on the inside. 


Confidence can easily swing into cockiness or self-doubt. Your self-talk will play a big part in whether you strengthen or undermine your attitude. When you are truly confident, you will be aware that you don’t need to know everything and can make mistakes. You are able to acknowledge that you are imperfect and will take action without doubting your faith in yourself. Internal and external confidence align and strengthen each other.


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Angela Heise

Angela Heise

Angela has spent her whole life dedicated to understanding the ‘why’ behind human behaviour, to then be able to help people improve their life and relationships by better understanding themselves and others.

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