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It’s Week 52 and we are feeling fulfilled.


Feeling fulfilled is often used in the context of success. When it is synonymous with a sense of accomplishment, feeling fulfilled is dependent on external factors. On status, money, possessions, connections…True fulfilment is different, it spreads from the inside out. It is self-fulfilment.    


For this week, I am inviting you to feel into the different dimensions of fulfilment in your life. Become aware of the contribution of extrinsic factors to fulfilment and then notice whether you can still tap into inner contentment even when things aren’t perfect. Explore what actually contributes to your sense of fulfilment.


Notice how you can increase your feeling of self-fulfilment when you take care of your needs (which, by the way, we will explore over the next year). Feel what it feels like when you take care of yourself. You may also want to explore another context of fulfilment: Purpose. What does this mean to you? How do you know that you are living your best life? 


As we reach the end of a challenging year, you may discover that setting goals for 2021 takes on a different perspective when you take both fulfilment and self-fulfilment into account.

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Angela Heise

Angela Heise

Angela has spent her whole life dedicated to understanding the ‘why’ behind human behaviour, to then be able to help people improve their life and relationships by better understanding themselves and others.

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