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Talking Nutrition with Cherry Wills

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Nutritional Therapist Cherry Wills and I discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how nutrition is interconnected with emotions.

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About Cherry

Cherry Wills is a nutritional therapist based in Cleveland near Brisbane. She has a BSc and PhD in Chemistry from University of Leeds in the UK, which led to her first career in market research of food and drink. A mum of two boys, Cherry came to nutrition to get well herself after a lifetime of chronic ill health. She completed her advanced diploma and BSc degree in Nutritional Therapy and hasn’t looked back since, helping her clients get well through their food and personalised nutrition. In 2017 she took on the management and practitioner training of a whole food personalised dietary program called Metabolic Balance for Australia and New Zealand and now shares her time between her private practice and managing Metabolic Balance®.

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Angela Heise

Angela Heise

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