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Talking Leadership with Eric Perez

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Eric Perez for his podcast Talking Leadership. I realise that a half-hour interview can only discuss leadership in the most general terms and that every leadership path is unique. I do hope that what Eric and I

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Leading and Growing; A Guest on James Short’s Podcast

  Interviewed by Coach James Short; I had the opportunity to talk about developing Emotionally Productive leaders and teams. You can find out more about James here: http://www.jamesshort.com.au/, or listen to more of his Podcasts here: https://soundcloud.com/coachjamesshort-podcast.

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We Are Women, Interviewed by Janeen Vosper

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Janeen Vosper about women, assertiveness, stage fright and numerous other topics that we could have continued talking about for hours. To find out more about Janeen and hear more of her podcast “We Are Women”, visit her

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