Talking Leadership with Eric Perez

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I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Eric Perez for his podcast Talking Leadership. I realise that a half-hour interview can only discuss leadership in the most general terms and that every leadership path is unique. I do hope that what Eric and I talked about provides you with some food for thought that helps you on your own journey. Please have a listen and let me know your thoughts below. If you want to find out about the foundational skills a leader, no matter what their journey, needs to be effective and impactful, please have a look at…

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Podcast: Celebrity Profiler Alan Stevens Talks about His Work

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 Alan Stevens is an International Profile and Communications Specialist. He is regularly featured on National TV, Radio and in the World’s Press. Alan is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, and referred to as the leading authority on reading people globally by the UK Guardian. The Herald calls him “The Mentalist meets Dr Phil”.  Alan teaches people how to understand themselves and read other people so that they can create better and longer lasting relationships in all areas of their live; increase sales and improve staff and customer loyalty; raise and educate children as well as improve personal relationships. With international clients like…

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Everything to Read

August 24, 2020 in 52 Emotions, Everything to Read

Refilling My Jug

The last few weeks have been particularly challenging for me with one bad news after another. I have been experiencing deep grief and a sense of loss that has shifted me in ways I am still processing. I decided that I need some time to deliberately reflect and recharge. To fill my jug so that I can pour again. Before all of this happened, I had already planned to take a week to rest and recharge from the demands of COVID-19. Right now, I am planning for two weeks. It may be longer. Looking back at other occasions, I know…
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August 14, 2020 in 52 Emotions, Everything to Read


It’s Week 33 and we are practicing being patient, an emotion that is currently in short supply as the pandemic insists that we abandon plans for the near future yet again. The saying ‘patience is a virtue’ only describes one of the aspects of   this multifaceted emotion. It’s the one we tell children: Just wait and you will be rewarded - also known as delayed gratification. Being patient also means that you stay calm when other people struggle with learning or dealing with something you have already mastered. And while you may be able to remain composed and understanding around…
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Everything to Watch

July 15, 2020 in Conversations and Interviews, Everything to Watch

How you can improve your emotional productivity for ultimately a happier life!

We'll be having a chat with Angela around how life and relationships are improved through having a better understanding of yourself and others. Our emotions and behaviour come into play daily and understanding these better leads to much happier lives.
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July 3, 2020 in Conversations and Interviews, Everything to Watch

Overcoming your fear of social media

Darren Saul interviews me for his podcast, Playing with Perspective. We talk about social media; authenticity, judgment, feedback, stage fright and many other related topics. You can find more of Darren’s interviews on his Facebook page, https://web.facebook.com/SuspendedAnimationPhoto/
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