First Call for Q&A Questions

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Over the last 23 years, I facilitated countless face-to-face group workshops and conducted many thousands of one-on-one coaching sessions. I traveled far and wide to serve my clients, so much so that I lived out of a suitcase without a permanent abode for four years.

This year was different.

I have reached a point where I wish to ground myself and grow roots. At the same time, I realise that my clients’ needs are changing. Many of you would rather do short, micro-learning modules in your pyjamas than sit in a classroom for a whole day or even two. Then there are those of you I haven’t had the chance to work with because you are too far away.

To address all of these situations as well as enhancing cost-effectiveness, I have started turning my workshops into web-based courses. I now conduct many of my coaching sessions on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and any other app that allows me to have face-to-face interactions. It works very well. Saying that, I’ll never stop traveling – I was born with itchy feet – I just won’t be on a plane every week anymore.

During the past few months, I developed long and short online courses with optional live group coaching sessions. I also created a dynamic magazine-style web TV show entitled Emotions Are Everywhere, where I interview interesting people and offer useful tips and tools. It has been great fun, challenging and a steep learning curve.

While working on all of this, I wondered: What if I create a Q&A podcast in which I answer your most prevalent questions and find out what you want to know so I can provide you with the courses and tools that meet your specific needs?

What is a question that has come up when you worked with me in the past that you would like me to answer? What do you want to know in order to resolve an issue that is creating problems? What information do you need that would make a difference in your life?

I invite you to ask any questions you have about:

  • emotional intelligence;
  • leadership development;
  • communication skills;
  • cultural intelligence;
  • personal development and
  • creativity and innovation.

Once I have your questions, I will choose the most commonly asked questions and turn them into a podcast.

So, please CLICK HERE and ask away. Your contributions will be anonymous, unless you want to win an online short course of your choice, in which case, simply add your name and email address.

Please submit your questions by Friday, October 25. And as always, feel free to share this email with people you think may be interested. Thank you!

I look forward to finding out what is important to you, your life, relationships, health and work.

Angela Heise

Angela Heise

Angela has spent her whole life dedicated to understanding the ‘why’ behind human behaviour, to then be able to help people improve their life and relationships by better understanding themselves and others.