Training with Angela Heise

Angela offers companies the chance to quickly and easily update staff with the skills and tools they need for peak performance – both individually and as a group.

Depending on the business needs, Angela creates bespoke training programs in the areas of leadership skills, team building, Emotional Productivity, change management and cultural and interpersonal skills that encompass a broad range of proven strategies across Emotional Intelligence, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), coaching psychology, neuroscience, conflict resolution and negotiation, creativity, change management and more.

When people get promoted into more senior roles, it is because they have proven to possess the technical skills to do their job well…


Building strong multiple intelligence competencies improves communication and relationships as well as individual and organisational…


Social media, Skype, mobile phones, chat apps: The modern world is more connected than ever. At the same time, isolation, depression…


Why lose one more minute of sanity when you can begin right now to transform your life? The Emotional Productivity Program offers…



Being ‘in’ the work, and being ‘on’ the work are two very different things.

Most companies promote people into management roles when they have shown considerable skill in their previous job. In itself this is a good idea – what needs addressing however is that working and managing the people doing the work, are completely different roles that require different skillsets. To become a manager, many people need to rewire their thinking from an individual mindset to a team mindset, and this is where Angela can help.

Angela has a proven track record of guiding people into a management role not only smoothly, but successfully. Her training programs for managers are designed to increase emotional, cultural and social intelligence, to enable them to lead teams effectively. They take both emergent and established leaders to a new level of competence and effectiveness.



Only ten years ago, Emotional Intelligence was often brushed aside as irrelevant and indulgent.

Over the last few years, the ability to manage emotions has become the acknowledged foundation for leadership effectiveness. As the saying goes, “People get hired for high IQ, they get fired for low EQ.”Angela built her Emotional Productivity Program on twenty years of study and experience, taking Emotional Intelligence training to the next level. Practical and immediately applicable, the Ten Practices of Emotional Productivity transform not only work but also personal life.

Participants describe the EPP as life-changing and career-defining. The program is available for larger and smaller groups, for leadership development or team building. Participants who completed the EPP in a corporate environment requested that the workshop was made available to friends and family as well, so Angela now also offers public courses.