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Many executives confuse leading with managing. So they manage people like tasks, unaware of what it takes to be an inspiring leader.

Most companies promote people into management roles when they have shown considerable skill in their job. While in itself this is a good idea, what needs addressing is that working in a role and managing people from a leadership perspective are completely different roles that require different skillsets.

Effective Leadership Skills
To become a leader, many people need to rewire their thinking from an individual mindset to a team mindset, and this is where Angela can help.

Angela has a proven track record of guiding people into a leadership role not only smoothly, but successfully. She is highly skilled at taking people who are very competent in the business facets of their role, and vastly improves their effectiveness as leaders by giving them the people skills they need such as

  • handling stakeholder drama
  • recovering meaning lost in translation
  • developing strategic thinking skills
  • creating an inspiring vision
  • stimulating low motivation
  • resolving conflict situations
  • networking with peers
  • flourishing in ongoing change

Angela’s powerful training programs for both emerging and established leaders are designed to increase emotional, cultural and social intelligence to enable them to empower their teams effectively. They help take participants’ skills to the next level, not only for dealing with others but also for improved self-leadership, reducing stress in everyday situations to increase overall effectiveness and wellbeing, both at work and at home.

Angela has been privileged to train and/or coach eleven of the 2018 Fifty Most Influential People in Australian Radio.

Build tangible, usable life skills, and feel more connected to the people around you.

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