These are challenging times. The Coronavirus has touched everybody.

While it may only directly impact the health of a part of the word’s population, COVID-19 affects how we all live, interact and do business. Yes, we are making sure there are systems in place and online connectivity has become ‘the new normal’ for any kind of work that we thought could only been done face to face. Many aspects of life we have been taking for granted, however, are suddenly up in the air.
But while parts of the world are easing restrictions, other parts of the world are still, or again, in lockdown. Working from Home (WFO) has been the norm for the past few months and will continue to remain so as part of a new emerging work culture, where companies operate without formal offices or allow employees to split their time between office and home. How this all plays out is anyone’s guess. One thing, however is for sure: We all need to adapt and learn to deal with new, uncertain conditions. How you manage emotions and maintain a creative mindset that helps you focus on opportunities rather than obstacles matters more than ever.
Emotional intelligence competencies and critical thinking skills are particularly relevant in both professional and personal lives. It is essential that you can support and motivate yourself and those around you, projecting positivity not only to last through a challenging time but strategise beyond it. Instead of adopting an attitude of surviving you’ll be able to step into thriving. — Pivoting and adapting offer massive opportunities, but before you can tap into your own and other people’s creativity, you need to be able to manage the emotions of change. When there is uncertainty, when people are in survival mode, creativity is elusive. In order to think outside the box, learning to deal with ‘negative’ emotions is vital.

To support you in this crucial time, this three-part workshop has several payment options

This is the perfect time to get on top of your emotions and up-skill your critical and creative thinking skills!

Manage yourself

In order to be a person of positive impact and foresight, it is crucial that you maintain emotional balance.

Discover how to:

  • Manage uncertainty, fear and other debilitating emotions
  • Learn about mental health challenges
  • Understand about vital needs in challenging times
  • Enhance your self-care – put the oxygen mask on yourself first
  • Tap into your hidden strengths and build resilience

Manage others

Not everyone is used to working from home. How do you deal with new
working conditions? How do you support those around you – virtually and in

Find out how to:

  • Adapt to new work conditions and hybrid arrangements (WFH and office)
  • Manage other people’s emotions and expectations
  • Create productive WFH routines that support productivity
  • Motivate others and connect to the bigger picture
  • Create a constructive and productive team culture that incorporates WFH and office effectiveness

Think forward

The VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) demands new thinking and a new understanding of possibilities. This session consists of a creative thinking session using Edward De Bono Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking tools to help you think outside the box, inspire yourself and explore possibilities you may not be aware of yet. We will all be doing this together, sharing the output as it is generated.

You will:

  • Shift your thinking from surviving to thriving
  • Transform what you think is possible
  • Share in and benefit from other people’s ideas
  • Walk away with new tools and new ideas

Join participants from previous courses and become part of a regular think tank to continue to sharpen your thinking skills and to create and innovate new ideas.


Best investment I’ve made in a long time! Short and sweet and a great (and loving) kick in the seat of the pants to get creative juices flowing. I highly recommend for both Angela’s powerful presence and for the instant community of professionals from all over the world she creates in such a compact timeframe. Refreshing, extremely useful, challenging, and fun.

Sabrina KleinSole Proprietor | Creative Education Consulting, Oakland, California

We need emotionally intelligent (self-) leaders who can think outside the box more than ever!

Please Join Us

This workshop is amazing! In a time of uncertainty it is hard to have the focus and excitement needed to create the ideas we need to pivot all parts of our lives. This workshop has not only up-skilled me, more importantly, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of a joint effort in discovery. Now, more than ever, I believe that new ideas and opportunities will launch me forward. — Angela Heise… your workshop is phenomenal.... your knowledge is phenomenal… what I gained is phenomenal...Thank you and everyone from all different parts of the world for adding such value to my life!

Scott CarsonFounder of Sunday Sessions, Melbourne, Australia

To accommodate different times zones and scheduling needs, there are two different session times available.

Group 1:

9:00 am - 10:30 am AEST

Group 2:

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm AEST

Numbers are strictly limited.
The online sessions are conducted on Zoom.

New dates to be announced

Please contact us to let us know that you are interested.

Taking part in Angela’s workshop was one of the best calls I could make during these challenging times. Not only did I get some fantastic tools to keep my team motivated, but I got to connect with other leaders across the world creating a group of collaborators who help support each other.

I thoroughly recommend any training from Angela Heise and praise her for creating such a powerful series targeted at the new challenges none of us have ever faced.

Blake BealeRadio Engineering Manager | MediaWorks NZ, Auckland, New Zealand