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Are you getting ready to be promoted to a leadership role

or eager to have more impact?

Have you been holding back because the

prospect of more responsibility is simply too overwhelming?

Does it inspire or scare you when you consider

what it means to be in charge of others?

To successfully execute your professional role you will have already undergone some skills training, formal and/or practical. To be considered for promotion, you will have demonstrated superior proficiency in your area of expertise.



How much have you learned about how to:

make yourself redundant from having to attend day-to-day tasks that are part of your direct report’s job description;

encourage others to take calculated risks instead of playing it safe for fear of risking punishment or disapproval;

keep your team task-focused while they deal with emotional issues, both professional and personal;

create agreements so you can focus on the larger strategic picture and

build a culture of trust where people use their creativity and thinking skills to excel and exceed even their own expectations?


How deeply have you explored what it takes to also empower and motivate yourself?

Are you able to:

effectively handle stress and emotional distractions;

express your anger and frustration in such a way that people around you continue to trust you;

differentiate between tasks, goals, strategy and vision, and allocate time and energy accordingly;

maximise task focus without losing sight of relationships;

self-care, put the oxygen mask on yourself first and

leave work at work so you can actually have a life outside your career?

“New to a leadership role, Angela’s Emotionally Productive Leader course was the launching platform I needed and that has changed the way I work and view leadership itself. Having worked with Angela previously, she has consistently given me the tools to be able to challenge myself every single day. I tackle conversations and relationships with a broader mindset and a heightened awareness of my own needs as well as those of others. Angela has introduced me to so many wonderful tools that have changed the way I interact with people not only at work but also in my personal life.
Working with Angela has changed who I am – for the better!”

Lucy Morling, Promotions Director, Triple M Melbourne



These days, leaders are not only assessed on whether they fulfil their KPIs, they are also evaluated on:

  • how they get there and manage relationships with internal and external stakeholders along the way;
  • how they handle diversity issues;
  • how they deal with the drastically different needs of Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials and
  • how they are able to keep an increasingly transient workforce motivated and engaged.

All of the above skills define what I call Emotional Productivity.  When you strengthen your ability to lead yourself and others, you create an integrated approach in both your work and life. By developing emotional, social and cultural intelligence competencies, you lay the foundation for personal impact, fulfilment and health.

The Emotionally Productive Leader course is everything I had hoped it to be. Angela has nailed it with her unique approach. I call her the Tony Robbins of Emotional Intelligence. — Angela lives and breathes EI and the philosophy of EI on a broader level. In this course, she draws on EI teachings, personal learnings and concepts from many disciplines and offers them to her students in a concise way that allows leaders to apply these techniques in their environment straight away. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop their leadership skills but who also wants to develop a stronger culture within their teams.”

Peter Yiamarelos, Regional NSW Content Director, Southern Cross Austereo



My 10-week online leadership development program will help you cement this foundation and expand on it. No matter whether you are ready for a promotion to a bigger role or are working in a role where you want to become more effective and productive, this program will provide you with the necessary essential information and tools.

Over ten weeks, we will meet virtually once a week in a small group with a maximum of eight participants, all dedicated to personal and professional growth.

You will learn new skills and

refine existing ones.

The online program consists of eight online group sessions and two individual sessions. Each group meeting will start with a short presentation of the weekly topic. We will then summarise what you have explored through videos and practical exercises in the week before the session and have a coaching discussion during which you will draw on your experiences and discuss your own issues and questions to create an enriching and transformational conversation.

In the one-hour individual coaching session after the first group session, you will set your goals and address obstacles that could get in the way of attaining them. There will be a midway check-in to see how you are progressing. In the second individual session, after the final group session, you will review what you have achieved and plan the way forward so you can continue confidently on your leadership journey.

You will receive a certificate of achievement after your final coaching session.

Week 1


Learn more about the program and Emotional Productivity

Get to know the other participants

Set guidelines to make your participation a fulfilling experience and a roaring success

Week 2

Focus: Emotional Awareness

Gain clarity about the connection between emotions and health

Learn about the impact of emotions on success and fulfilment

Fine-tune your ability to recognise emotions in yourself and others

Week 3

Focus: Emotions and Culture

Get clear on the differences between reaction and response

Expand your understanding of the (in-)appropriateness of being an emotional leader

Become proficient at interrupting emotional reactions and making more considered choices

Week 4

Focus: Managing Attention

Enhance your ability to manage your attention and listening skills

Understand the connection between empathy and effectiveness

Broaden your ability to manage perceptions and judgments

Week 5

Focus: Effective Communication

Learn how to ask more effective questions

Explore the unconscious elements that determine the impact of your communication

Develop a coaching language to which people actually respond

Week 6

Focus: Motivation and Feedback

Understand the connection between needs, emotions, motivation and resilience

Differentiate between feedback, criticism and opinion

Master the art of effective timing, articulation, and the focus of impactful feedback

Week 7

Focus: Self-Care

Explore the connection between culture and how you manage boundaries, emotions, needs, and self-care

Learn about The Ten Pillars of Self-Care

Gain clarity about the connection between self-care, resentment and the impact on others

Week 8

Focus: Managing Conflict

Discover the connection between conflict, boundaries and needs

Learn about the importance of constructively expressing anger and frustration

Explore the differences between functional and dysfunctional management of anger and conflict

Experience the impact of a Conversation about the Conversation®

Having attended more than 70 workshops and seminars internationally over the past 16 years, I was delighted and impressed with the depth of impact I experienced on both mental and emotional levels going through Angela’s ‘The Emotionally Productive Leader’ course. The transfer of knowledge was made easy with videos and practical exercises, and the ability to immediately apply information and tools in real life allowed me to embody new skills very quickly with great results.
I have worked with Angela for many years, and I am truly grateful for having taken part in what I consider to be her most impactful course yet. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to develop their leadership skills in a program of outstanding quality.”

Yousuf Mohamed, Embodiment Speaker and Coach, Dubai



Program Start: 18th February, 2020

Group Sessions

Eight 90-minutes sessions:
Tuesday, 18th Feb 2020
Tuesday, 25th Feb 2020
Tuesday, 3rd Mar 2020
Tuesday, 10th Mar 2020
Tuesday, 17th Mar 2020
Tuesday, 24th Mar 2020
Tuesday, 31st Mar 2020
Tuesday, 7th Apr 2020
Times TBA after participant’s time zones are identified

Individual Sessions

Two one-on-one coaching sessions after the first and last group session as well as a progress check-in halfway through the program
Session times to be arranged individually

Please let us know if you are interested in starting your own group or want to participate in a group outside of the listed dates.

You also have to option to register for the Emotionally Productive Leader as a strictly self-paced program with access to all online course materials and optional individual coaching sessions. To find out more, please contact Angela.



Time investment per day

Depending on your level of commitment and what you want to achieve: Daily approximately 20 to 30 minutes, not counting the time when you practically apply the information and tools in your work and life.
The course continues beyond the sessions. Preparing for the next session with new information and practicing new tools in between meetings are an essential part of the program and include:

pre and post assessment quiz;

instructional videos;

informative articles;

practical tools;

illuminating reflection exercises;

dedicated WhatsApp group and accountability buddy system;

weekly self-coaching tool and

weekly group session recordings.

Financial investment

$2,197.00 incl. GST

Fully tax deductible

Payment over time available

Invest an additional $300 to receive:

laser coaching (up to three times per week for five minutes via email, message or phone);

upgrade of the progress check-in to a full one-hour coaching session;

one year free access to the membership site we are currently building.

Course participation is by application to ensure that the program meets your needs.

Application deadline: 12th February, 2020

A $197 deposit is required at the time of your application to ensure your commitment. Should your application be unsuccessful, your deposit will be refunded.


Your Trainer and Coach

Angela Heise M.A., Grad. Cert. NLP, ILPF

For over twenty years, Angela has been working with thousands of people one-on-one and in groups, in personal and professional contexts. She is passionate about ensuring that her clients create a life free of drama and dysfunction and filled with connection, achievement and fulfilment.

To find out more about Angela, please go to angelaheise.com/being.

Doing - Angela Heise

The program is valuable for any leader as it highlights really fundamental yet often overlooked human qualities and emotions. These lessons, techniques, methods for personal development and communication are invaluable to becoming a better leader and fostering positive relationships with peers, colleagues and team members.”

Matthew Heap, Executive Producer, CanberraFM

Find out about your Emotional Productivity

What does it mean to be intelligent today?

Find out how you rate in the 11 Practices of Emotional Productivity. 

Discover what it takes to flourish in your relationships, your health and your career.