Fine-tune your listening skills

From Distraction to Connection

Sharpen Your Focus and Attention Management Skills

It’s perfectly normal to talk to people online these days. The coronavirus has merely put the turbo into a trend that has been building for a few years. We also all know that our ability to communicate fully is challenged when we connect via apps. Our ability to listen, however, is not impacted by virtual meetings. Fact is, our listening skills have been deteriorating since before Zoom became commonplace. We are managing phone-calls, email message, and social media notifications while typing on computers, talking, eating, working. Our attention span is shrinking rapidly, stretched by the necessity to maintain several focus areas. Our brains are simply not made for multi-tasking.

This has serious consequences for our relationships, our ability to connect and build trust. And while the core need we all share is commonly referred to as ‘being heard’, it’s not just about hearing. We all want to be listened to and understood.


When you listen fully, you

  • are present with the other person
  • manage your attention
  • connect deeply
  • take in information in the awareness that meaning is contextual
  • are aware of your filters and biases

This course is for you if you want to

  • build trust
  • be able to take in a lot of information
  • know when and how to ask clarifying questions
  • learn about the impact of perception and judgment
  • balance empathy with effectiveness
  • broaden your ability to manage misunderstandings

This is a self-paced online program you can start at any time. While the videos and exercises are available to you to be completed at your own pace, it is recommended that you follow the suggested ‘itinerary’ over two weeks to maintain the learning flow. You can then track back and revisit the content you want to deepen and integrate on a deeper level.

Investment: AUD $97 (incl. GST). This program is fully tax deductible.