Let me say it upfront: There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ emotions, just pleasant and unpleasant ones as well as effective and ineffective ways of expressing them.

Knowing how and what you feel is the foundational emotional intelligence (EI) competency on which all others build. And EI is crucial for every area of life. It determines your health, your relationships, your personal and professional fulfilment, even your ability to participate in the democratic process. Which means spending a few minutes every day will benefit you, those around you, and society overall.

For 2020, I am inviting you to explore 52 emotions, one per week, and take the ‘label ‘good’ and ‘bad’ off. Activate your internal observer while you expand what a specific emotion does for you and find out why wallowing in or suppressing an emotion doesn’t work. Then, at the end of of the year you will have enhanced your ability to identify emotions and appreciation for yourself. You will have also improved your relationships and maybe even your career prospects.

When you sign up below and confirm your name and email address on the following page, you will receive an email once a week that connects you with the page and the emotion of the week. You can then explore the current emotion and easily go back to previous ones.

I look forward to our journey together.

Warm regards,