The Campfire Project, created by international profiling and communication specialist Alan Stevens, is a forum for discussion about a whole range of important topics that affect us all. Originally created for men to come together in a respectful, nurturing and safe environment, The Campfire Project has grown into an expansive and inclusive space for all to share their stories and wisdom, united under the hashtag #wetogether.

As an administrator, Angela conducts deep-diving one-on-one interviews with people who want to join panel discussions with others from all corners of the world who are interested in consciousness-expanding discussion. She also takes great delight in being a moderator and regular contributor of the panel discussions.

JOIN The Campfire Project group, a safe place for exploring topics you may not have had the opportunity to find out about more, and find out how respect and safety are maintained even when the topic is challenging.

To view hundreds of thought-provoking and enlightening panel discussions on YoutTube, please CLICK HERE