The Emotional Productivity® Online Program

What does it mean to be a functional Adult?

Essential human skills to confidently navigate life

We are conditioned to believe that adulthood will come naturally, that with age we will inherently grasp the art of being an adult. But the truth is, no one hands us a manual for mastering life’s complexities, emotional challenges, and essential human interactions. We are left to fumble through these intricacies on our own, often feeling like we’re the only ones struggling in a world that seems to expect us to have it all together.
So, what are these elusive human skills that we all should have, but that no one formally teaches us?

Find out what having these skills means for you

Being an adult means more than just paying bills and doing housework. It’s about having the life skills to thrive in every aspect of life, manage health, functional relationships, and self-care effectively. Unfortunately, many of us are stuck in survival mode, missing out on the tools needed to lead a truly fulfilling life.

“This course has helped my husband and me become better parents, better leaders at work and overall calmer and more balanced individuals.” Carla Morris

If you are tired of living an average life that is generally accepted as ‘normal’, where you:

If this feels familiar, then this is the course for you.

The Emotional Productivity® Program is the answer!

Built on the feedback of thousands of clients, the Emotional Productivity® Program contains the essential life skills, so you can create a healthier and more fulfilling life. In short, expand your ability to thrive in a demanding and increasingly complex world, where social and emotional intelligence competencies matter more than ever. Where you can

Transform your life in just three months!


I had the privilege of participating in one of Angela's courses as a young adult. It was an incredibly powerful experience that equipped me with valuable skills for the next phase of my learning and professional journey. Specifically, understanding emotional drivers has proven to be invaluable in my career, enabling me to connect with my clients, comprehend their motivations, and align myself with them for success. These insights have also had a positive impact on my personal life, helping me gain clarity on my goals and aspirations. I wholeheartedly recommend Angela's course to anyone seeking transformative learning opportunities.
Jordan Gates, Sydney
Transform your life with an easy-to-follow online program. Each module is packed with engaging videos, tools, and exercises, designed to comfortably integrate new knowledge and skills into your daily routine.

Discover the 12 Life-Changing Modules

The Emotional Productivity Program online program consists of twelve modules packed full of useful videos, tools, and information. Designed to be completed with one module per week, the program gives you the opportunity to comfortably integrate new knowledge and enhanced skills into your work and life over three months.

Module 1: Program Introduction
Learn about the program and prepare yourself for success. Complete the Emotional Productivity Quiz and have a half-hour online debrief session with Angela to identify what meaningful goals you can set for the program.
Module 2: Build Emotional Awareness
Become familiar with emotions in yourself and others
Module 3: Manage Emotions
Learn to utilize “negative” emotions and strengthen “positive” ones
Module 4: Define Needs
Find out what really matters to you in all areas of life
Module 5: Pay Attention
Enhance your ability to listen and be present to the people in your life
Module 6: Increase Self-Care
Enhance your appreciation of yourself so you can give what you can
Module 7: Set Boundaries
Say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and really mean it
Module 8: Manage Perception
Learn how to separate emotions from judgments for better decision-making
Module 9: Boost Empathy
Explore the impact of connection, respect, and trust in functional relationships
Module 10: Reset Limiting Emotions
Learn a proven system to create emotional support in stressful times
Module 11: Manage Difficult Conversations
Find out how to solve issues assertively without drama
Module 12: Celebrate and Integrate
Discover the value of achievement

Membership Portal

Access a comprehensive video for each of the twelve topics, and engage with exercises and tools delivered in small learning bytes at any time. While you stretch out of your comfort zone, examine behaviours you want to change and put new and improved behaviours in place, you practice and integrate the learnings as you continue with your everyday life. Repeat the program as many times as you want. You have lifetime access.


Are there courses that promise astonishing results within just two days? And do they actually deliver? Yes, you might achieve some immediate outcomes. However, if you genuinely seek lasting, sustainable behavioural changes while smoothly integrating them into your everyday life and work without major disruptions, you’ll need more time. A three-month timeframe is generally optimal for changes to truly stick.

Over this period, you’ll be able to identify and replace problematic patterns with new awareness and behaviours, benefiting your relationships, health, and career, creating positive transformations. Life, as you know it, will undergo a remarkable shift, becoming significantly more vibrant and fulfilling.

Benefit from the years of work it has taken Angela to put the Emotional Productivity® Program together. Having worked on herself for many years as well as drawing on the experience of thousands of clients, this program contains the core skills she identified that we all need. These are skills many people wish they had had much earlier in life. The truth is, it’s never too late to acquire them.

For the ultimate acceleration of your personal development journey, combine the online program with personalised coaching sessions with Angela. These sessions will directly address your unique needs, enabling you to discard limiting beliefs and make rapid progress towards your goals.

To find out about one-on-one coaching sessions with Angela that complement the online training and address your unique needs


Some people realize that they lack life skills, some have already stepped on the path of self-development and think of themselves as emotionally intelligent. So did I, until I dived into Angela's Emotional Productivity Program. This is not a course where you can just watch videos; it's a transformative journey, a challenging process of self-discovery. To embark on this path, you need to have a desire for self-improvement, patience, and determination, as the exercises require practice and time. You'll need courage to step out of your comfort zone. And it's so worth it! I'm going to go through the course again; I'm aware that there are still things I need to and work on. and integrate. Angela, thank you for the opportunity to get to know myself!
Yuliana Kireeva, Dubai

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Angela Heise

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Angela Heise, has spent her whole life dedicated to understanding the ‘why’ behind human behaviour. She developed the Emotional Productivity® Program based on 40 years of working on herself and over 20 years of working with people as a trainer and coach. Angela helps her clients transform their lives and accelerate their careers by providing them with crucial tools to manage themselves and others, creating drama-free, healthy relationships. Angela is passionate about teaching people that there are no ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ emotions and that you can turn challenges into great opportunities.