There are skills we are all supposed to have.

They are called life skills. I prefer to call them human skills.

The question is, where do we learn them?

Yes, we acquire knowledge in school; practical life skills, however, are not among them. And while we explicitly learn the whats, the hows are often taught only indirectly.

We dont directly and explicitly learn them at home either. Here, we observe and replicate the behaviours of the people around us. Unfortunately, these models are not always functional, so that when we reach adulthood, we often still dont know how to proficiently deal with challenges and make the most out of life.

As a coach, I have been working with people in every life situation for over 25 years. Personally, I have spent more than four decades on my own self-development and researched the human skills we require to thrive.

I call these skills the Eleven Practices of Emotional Productivity. These are some of them:

  • Constructively deal with anger and frustration
  • Listen and manage attention to enhance connection
  • Take care of our own and others’ needs without sacrifice or resentment
  • Say no and set boundaries without guilt or shame
  • Have courageous conversations that resolve conflict and enhance trust

The Eleven Practices are at the core of productivity and fulfilment. In our busy and rapidly changing world they are more critical than ever.

Please take this powerful 5-minute quiz to learn more about the Eleven Practices of Emotional Productivity and find out where you have opportunities to enhance how you

  • release stress and drama
  • create a more functional relationship with yourself and others
  • take better care of your health and wellbeing
  • perform at work
  • relate to others and yourself by being present and connected
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