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The Emotional Productivity® Online Program

The training for people who want to be functional Adults

Do you remember the time when you thought that growing up meant that you could eat as much cake as you wanted?

Turns out being a grown-up isn’t all it was supposed up to be. When you were thinking of cake, you likely didn’t consider having a full-time job, paying your bills, and doing your housework. And now that you are grown-up you accept these terms because everyone around you is doing the same thing.

The question is, how fulfilling is your life? Do you have the life skills you need to not only be an adult but an Adult?

You may be wondering what the difference is. Everyone above the age of 18 is considered a grown-up or legal adult. Being an Adult means having the life skills you need to lead a fulfilling life beyond paying bills and doing housework. It’s about having the skills that allow you to manage yourself on difficult days when all you want to do is eat cake and moderate your cake intake on every other day while you enjoy every bite. It also includes the skills you need to share your cake.

You see, we rarely learn the skills we need beyond managing everyday life, for example self-care, dealing with conflict, or managing stress. We learn to survive, not to thrive.

“This course has helped my husband and me become better parents, better leaders at work and overall calmer and more balanced individuals.”
Carla Morris

Many people live life according to the rules their parents and grandparents modelled. No matter whether these behaviours are useful or not, they are often passed on from generation to generation resulting in the kind of average life that is accepted as ‘normal’, which includes

not being able to manage your emotions

looking for other people’s approval

not trusting yourself

abandoning or procrastinating on your goals

tolerating other people’s unacceptable behaviour

stressing yourself over perfectionistic expectations

being unable to enjoy life

If you have you decided that you can get more out of life


Built on the feedback of thousands of clients, the Emotional Productivity Program contains the essential life skills you need to build a foundation or take them to a whole new level, so you can create a healthier and more fulfilling life where you

feel good enough and approve of yourself

turn mistakes into learning and achievement

know when and how to say no

focus on what matters

remove drama from your life

know how to turn anger into a productive power

feel alive and connected with yourself and others

Step into a more fulfilling life

The Eleven Practices of Emotional Productivity teach you the crucial life skills and emotional intelligence competencies that are – so studies have shown – more important than ever if you want to thrive in 21st century life and work. This three-month program is also for you if you want to help create a new generation of functional Adults while you consciously walk your talk – at home and at work.

Twelve Live Sessions

The Emotional Productivity Program online program consists of twelve live sessions (also recorded), packed full of useful information with space to ask questions.

Membership Portal

Between session you will be able to access a membership portal with exercises and tools delivered in small learning bytes. While you stretch out of your comfort zone, examine behaviours you want to change and put new and improved behaviours in place, you practice and integrate the learnings as you continue with your everyday life.


Turbo-charge your personal development and benefit from the years of work it has taken to put this program together. You will identify issues and replace them with new awareness and behaviours in weeks instead of years. Life as you know it will never be the same again.

“The work I have done with Angela was life-defining for me.”
Sam Hargreaves, Melbourne

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Angela Heise

Your Trainer

Angela Heise, has spent her whole life dedicated to understanding the ‘why’ behind human behaviour. She developed the Emotional Productivity Program based on 40 years of working on herself and on 25 years of working with people as a trainer and coach. Angela helps her clients transform their lives and accelerate their careers by providing them with crucial tools to manage themselves and others, creating drama-free, healthy relationships. Angela is passionate about teaching people that there are no ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ emotions and that you can turn challenges into great opportunities.

Are you ready to live the fulfilling life you choose?