Slide We still don't know how to deal with stress, anger, frustration, rage. Or do we?

Society teaches us that some emotions are appropriate in some circumstances, but doesn’t teach us how to vent our negative emotions in a constructive way.

Often we keep them bottled up until the point where we can’t hold them any longer – we then end up expressing ourselves in unproductive and inappropriate ways, that can harm our work and personal relationships.

Sunshine Success Circles

Angela Heise’s Sunshine Success Circles® teaches people the value of ‘negative’ emotions and helps people ‘detox’ them in a safe context.

It’s all about being honest with your needs in the moment, framing the context of what you need to express with the person you’re speaking with, and choosing the appropriate person to share your feelings with. Sunshine Success Circles® shows people how to operate more productively, how to choose the appropriate person, place and context in which to share how they are feeling.

In practice at work and home, Sunshine Success Circles® offers huge improvements to personal relationships, as training participants learn to go home without carrying a load of unprocessed emotions which they would ordinarily dump on their partner.

They learn to have constructive discussions with their partner without involving other family members – especially children. At work, teams become more cohesive and authentic, creating accountability and therefore better results.

Honest conversations reduce conflict, creativity flourishes. Men benefit greatly from Angela’s Sunshine Success Circles® framework, as they’re far more likely to bottle up emotions and express them as rage or anger, or keep their feelings hidden, which can lead to depression and isolation.

The training module not only explains the Sunshine SuccessCircles® concept, but helps participants build their own circle, with further support through a dedicated Facebook group.

Build tangible, usable life skills, and feel more connected to the people around you.