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How you manage anger and frustration as well as anxiety has massive impact on your life and your relationships. Being unable to let go of “negative” emotions creates drama and dysfunction. Knowing how to detox destructive feelings improves your life, boosts your work efficiency and enhances your home life.  

The problem? We rarely learn the life skills we need to achieve emotional balance. We generally expect that we pick them up along the way as we get older. What if you could shortcut this meandering? What if you could learn the skills to consciously design your life, to thrive instead of survive?

The best way to create a new reality is by incorporating the 11 Practices of Emotional Productivity® into your current routine and then notice how life changes.

I am ready for change!

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Want to know more? Book in for a friendly chat

What to expect

when you register for The Emotional Productivity® Transformation Program

Let go of

Negative emotional patterns that don’t serve you

The need to please everyone

The compulsion to fix people

Jumping to judgement and conclusions

Reluctance to have difficult conversations


The importance of being selfish

How to have adult conversations without turning into Mum or Dad

What healthy boundaries really are

How your perception strengthens or weakens your health

The Conversation about the Conversation™


Communicate with authority – from a place of soft firmness

Deal with other people’s toxic emotions

The easy and safe way to release anger

Recode your autopilot mode from self-sabotage to self-mastery

Recharge your battery before it’s too late


Conscious self empowerment

3 life-changing tools to handle drama

Empathetic efficiency in dealing with people

Focused awareness on what matters

Emotional productivity®

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The Emotional Productivity® Transformation Program is much more than a workshop.
It is a course that begins before you have arrived for the weekend. You continue to expand and integrate your learning, after you have experienced yourself in a whole new way over two enlightening days.

To ensure that you create tangible results, the program starts before the workshop when you:

Complete an eye-opening self-assessment

Do your first preparation exercises

Start developing new, everyday self-awareness

Prepare yourself by taking educated steps in making sustainable changes

“I really got a lot out of it. Already on day one I learnt not only about myself and how to deal with my emotions, but also about other people’s. This is really beneficial to not only myself but I feel to people around me as well.”

– Jeremy Abernathy, Melbourne

So that you can take action over time, the program provides the support you need after the workshop so you can make lasting changes, including:

Weekly support emails with contemplation questions and new tools

A follow up self-assessment to track the changes you have made

A webinar to answer any questions that have come up after the workshop and further integrate your learning

A special support system for participants to stay on track

A dedicated closed Facebook group page to connect you with current and past Sunshine People™

A one-on-one coaching session for personal accountability and private conversations

This program is for you if you want to:

+ reduce stress and overwhelm

+ safe-guard your long-term health

+ enhance the quality of your relationships

+ raise confident and bully-proof children

+ get yourself ready for promotion

+ create a functional team culture and achieve more

+ be more effective with less drama

“Having reaped the countless benefits of being coached by Angela for many years, my team are now experiencing the benefits of the Emotional Productivity Program. Through the EPP my leadership team has developed the skillset to communicate effectively with managed emotion and increased accountability. As leaders, they now ‘step up’ with an ability to handle difficult conversations and contribute to a functional, positive, and productive culture.”


Mickey Maher, SCA Head of Content – Regional Radio, Broadbeach

“I’ve been through many different training programs. It was only when I began working with Angela that I started to realise my full potential. Angela engages with you from the moment you meet her, and it’s like she can read your mind. She is smart, and is always working at growing herself personally and professionally, which benefits the people she works with too. I always enjoyed my time working with Angela, and consider her the best business coach I have working with.”


Barry Keohane – Content Director, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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On your journey through the Emotional Productivity® Transformation Program, you will learn simple and effective tools and discover a new language that will transform the way you deal with people at work and home.

You will be empowering those around you, building trust, authenticity and connection while enhancing your personal and professional effectiveness.

Your Trainer and Coach

Angela Heise M.A., Grad. Cert. NLP, ILPF

For over twenty years, Angela has been working with thousands of people one-on-one and in groups, in personal and professional contexts. She is passionate about supporting her clients in getting the most out of a life that is free of drama and dysfunction and filled with connection, achievement and fulfilment.

To find out more about Angela, please go to angelaheise.com/being.

Angela Heise

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Upcoming Workshops

Dates to be announced


Early Bird: $897.30                  Full Fee: $997

Payment plan options and scholarships are available. Please contact us to find out more.

All fees include GST. Comprehensive workbooks, morning and afternoon tea as well as lunch are provided.
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The Emotional Productivity Transformation Program