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Coaching with Angela Heise

While training helps people understand the skills they need to learn to improve their personal and professional potential, coaching is the act of putting it all into practice.

For Angela Heise, who has been coaching since before coaching became a term, it’s not just about empowering people to manage their tasks in life. It’s about helping her clients understand their personal needs, and developing the self-awareness that is critical to having compassionate and respectful relationships with self and others. Happy people are more productive people, both at work and at home. For over twenty years, Angela has been helping her coaching clients define and then achieve their goals, as well as acting mindfully in everyday life, supporting them to be happier, healthier and more successful.

Personal Coaching

For many years, successful sports people have been using coaches to help them achieve their goals and improve their abilities.

The personal and professional fields are no different to the playing field – there are goals to achieve, with success and happiness with the results achieved being paramount. In one-on-one sessions, Angela coaches her clients to new levels of ability.

Her guidance enables people to develop the willpower to not only clarify and pursue worthwhile goals, but to actually achieve them, giving her clients success and fulfilment across many aspects of their lives. Find out how Angela can support you, contact her today.

Executive Coaching

Work goals can often be more specific than personal goals, both in nature and timeframe.

Many of Angela’s clients, who regularly get promoted as a result of their coaching with her, make use of her fine-tuned ability to drill down to the essence of a situation and clarify what matters most.

Feedback from many of her clients shows that Angela’s coaching is highly valued for its objectivity and focus, particularly where an external, unbiased viewpoint is needed to expand awareness of a situation, and decide on a direction. Executive coaching is often used in combination with Angela’s Leadership Training.

Workplace Coaching

Workplace coaching can work wonders for a company’s culture and productivity.

It helps individuals behave accountably within the companies cultural framework, spending more time on productivity and less on interpersonal issues that are counterproductive. Angela’s workplace coaching model enables her to put the principles from her training into practice with individual employees.

This creates deeper understanding and application of the fundamentals of Angela’s training. Not only does Workplace Coaching allow for practical application of learnings, it allows people to practice those principles on each other, leading to a more effective and emotionally intelligent company.

Find out how Angela can help you take you and your organisation to the next level.

Creativity & Innovation Training

There are two common misconceptions around creativity: The first one is that creativity is a talent. Actually, it’s a mode of thinking…

Anyone can be creative if they give themselves the time and space needed to be in the right frame of mind. The second is that creativity is wild, rampant, purposeless thought. It’s not. Creativity is often very sharply directed, and can be very useful, especially for problem solving when traditional solutions haven’t worked. Angela Heise helps teach people to unlock their creative potential, and do so in a way that helps them solve challenges for positive outcomes. Using strategies developed by Edward deBono and other thought leaders, and a wealth of experience in the field of creativity, Angela helps people use creative thinking to develop amazing results in a very short period of time. Angela was the official representative of the De Bono Institute for New South Wales, Australia for 5 years. She offers accredited training in the following de Bono creativity techniques:

Six Thinking Hats

When solving a problem, our brain will try and do everything at once – mixing emotion, logic, hope, creativity and stress together, which can cloud thinking and impair outcomes.

Six Thinking Hats teaches people to separate a problem into six logical steps, applying relevant judgement and thinking at the appropriate time, for the best result. According to IBM, using De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats reduced their meeting times by up to 75%. Find out how the Six Thinking Hats can help you increase productivity and reduce meeting times.

Lateral Thinking

For creative people, a daily demand on their creative skills can lead to habitual thinking which is detrimental to the diversity of ideas required from them.

Lateral Thinking is Dr de Bono’s most famous technique. It gives you systematic tools to create new ideas every time they are required. Ironically, it provides a framework to deliver continuously varied creativity. Lateral Thinking is a two day training program that will change the way you create ideas, and the quality of ideas you create. Find out how Lateral Thinking can help you create better ideas more reliably.

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