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The only constant in life is change

“It is easy to be your best and live a fulfilling life when you are connected with your needs and values, have a worthwhile vision and can communicate from a place of authenticity. Sprinkle all that generously with the ability to embrace change and a big dose of fun, and you have a great recipe for personal and professional success!” Angela Heise

During over thirty years of personal and professional career development, Angela has circled the globe several times. While working on five continents, she gathers tools and information from myriad sources. She reads countless books, studies with world renowned experts, applies what she learns to her own life, then puts her own spin on what she considers is essential for achieving personal and professional fulfilment and forming trusting relationships. Angela’s clients successfully use the information and tools with which she enables them to build flourishing lives and rewarding careers. Angela’s training and one-on-one coaching will empower you to overcome your obstacles — anger, frustration, apathy, self-doubt — gently and effectively.

You will learn how to build strong lasting relationships and uncover your full personal and professional potential in a fun, inspiring and productive environment. For years, her clients have been asking Angela to write a book about her insights. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately) the process of distillation takes a while. Moreover, bringing it all together in a single book was a seemingly impossible task. Therefore, Angela has decided to write three books that are easy to understand and apply. They will be published in 2018. Register your interest here.


Angela Heise offers companies the chance to quickly and easily update staff with the skills and tools they need for peak performance.


While training helps people with the skills they need to improve their personal and professional potential, coaching is the act of putting it all into practice.

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Angela Heise conducts training and coaching seminars frequently. Stay up to date with the upcoming courses that Angela Heise has to offer.

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