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Be the leader
today's world needs
Be the leader the worlds needs

It’s challenging to be in a leadership position today. Many of the conditions leaders have operating under until recently have changed. Supporting those around them, leaders often find themselves navigating unknown territories while charting a new world. - Question is, who supports the leaders?

In 2020, leaders learned that they needed new skills to

deal with unpredictable lockdowns

manage doubt, anxiety and fear

make potentially risky decisions

cope with loss of direction and vision

handle unprecedented communication issues

struggle with the challenges of work-life integration

In 2021, forward-thinking leaders are up-skilling themselves to

manage new ways of communication

motivate remote teams

balance task effectiveness and relationship empathy

effectively deal with change

confidently and courageously make decisions

create a new vision

If you are already on the leadership path, I am inviting you to join the next generation of empowered leaders and improve the impact you have on your team and the world by participating in this small group coaching program.

Group coaching is a space dedicated to your specific needs. Here, you find both support and useful information. You build resilience, both for yourself and your team, by learning new up-to-the-minute tools, expanding your awareness through finding answers for your own questions well as sharing the issues other participants bring to the (virtual) table. You discover the hidden possibilities in the upside of the downturn, eliminating issues that currently cause you stress and opening up new possibilities.

Group coaching is a rich experience that enables you to explore what matters in a strictly confidential environment, covering issues you may not have thought of addressing yourself. With only six participants per group you have the opportunity to fully participate, be heard and seen and gain incredible value from rich coaching conversations that strengthen and expand you.

The willingness to learn, relearn and unlearn is an essential quality of the 21st-century leader.
If this is you, please join us.

Each session builds on a topic that is driven by the questions and issues you bring to the session. The topics are kept deliberately open so that we also can include current issues you want to address. Practical tools will help you navigate a new path and develop your abilities to charter new territories.

Session 1: Trust

Building a cohesive team and creating functional relationships through constructive conversation

Session 2: Empowerment

Supporting others in developing competence and being self-leading Adults

Session 3: Integrity

Managing yourself for your own good and for those around you

Session 4: Clarity

Addressing controversial issues without blame while enhancing relationships

Session 5: Inspiration

Adapting and maintaining momentum especially when things are tough

The next group with five fortnightly sessions starts soon


To accommodate your time zone and scheduling needs, there are two different session times available.

Please contact us to register your interest and we will inform you about the next upcoming group.

Each group is strictly limited to six participants.
The online sessions are conducted on Zoom.

Angela Heise



Angela Heise has been coaching thousands of clients over the past 25 years. In her work, she doesn’t separate between a person at work and at home, aware of how issues in one environment impact on the other. It’s always Angela’s goal to support the whole person so they can be integrated and fulfilled in all aspects of life.