#52emotions book

As you may know, I conducted a social media campaign last year called”#52emotions”, where I explored one specific emotion every week with the intention of helping you realise that there are no ‘positive’ or ’ negative emotions, that all emotions are important and useful when managed productively.

Towards the end of the year, many people messaged me to let me know how much these posts have helped them in their life and work and asked me to turn them into a book. So I have exciting news to share with you! I have created a book and expanded it beyond the posts into something I think is even better: A practical workbook that allows you look below the surface level of an emotion. This will enhance your ability to utilise all emotions and e.g. turn anger into a power for good, appreciate the importance of getting bored, and strengthen your patience, allowing you to empower yourself in any area of life even more.

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