self awareness brunch and learn

We all have an inner voice, telling us all sorts of negative things. So, how can we use it to help us, instead of dragging us down? Angela Heise and Josh Langley discuss how to first notice that inner voice and then how to use it to achieve better mental health outcomes for kids and adults.

November 14, 2023

9 am Perth
11 am Brisbane
12 pm Sydney
3 pm Auckland
5 pm Los Angeles (13th)

Attendance is free for the live event
Join us for an enlightening hour and discover how to:

Josh Langley

Despite facing high school failure and unemployment, Josh Langley defied expectations by becoming an award-winning radio copywriter and children’s author. His debut book, “Being You is Enough,” changed his life, resonating with audiences worldwide. Josh’s straightforward approach, summed up by his philosophy of “KISS – Keep it Simple and Silly,” has led to his success in addressing self-acceptance, resilience, emotions, and kindness through his children’s books and school programs, impacting countless young lives.

Angela Heise

Professional coach and trainer Angela Heise has spent her life exploring the ‘why’ of human behaviour, empowering clients with practical tools to enhance their lives through self-understanding and interpersonal skills development. With twenty-seven years of experience, she specialises in human skills and their application in leadership, team building, and personal relationships. She is the creator of the Emotional Productivity® and Global Village Skills programs and is currently writing a book about emotions. Angela has lived in ten, worked in seventeen, and explored over fifty countries.

self awareness brunch and learn
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