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Conversations and Interviews

Talking Nutrition with Cherry Wills

Nutritional Therapist Cherry Wills and I discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how nutrition is interconnected with emotions. Please share your thoughts, experiences and tips and join the conversation by commenting below. About Cherry Cherry Wills is a nutritional therapist based in Cleveland

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Talking Dementia with Lee Curtis

Dementia Consultant and Trainer Lee Curtis joins me to discuss the importance of managing emotions when it comes to caring for and being around people with dementia, as well as providing tips to reduce the risk of dementia impacting us. Links mentioned during interview: Teepa

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Storytelling, Drama and (No) Control

A spirited discussion with Ann DeVere about how the story we tell ourselves impacts on our emotions, especially anger.  To learn more about Ann DeVere and the Global Visibility Initiative, visit the Access to Experts Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AccessToExperts/

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