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Making Valentine’s Day Last All Year

Valentine’s Day is the one day per year where expressing romantic love has become almost compulsory.  — If you want go beyond chocolate and roses and learn how you can express your love all year round, here is an appropriately cheesy inspiration video and a booklet with

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12 Challenges of Christmas Part 2: Challenges 7-12

Challenge #7: How to have a shared holiday celebration Yesterday, I spoke about how much effort goes into preparing for the holidays. Sometimes there is so much work involved that when the day arrives, for some people stress cancels out enjoyment. Why? Because the bulk

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12 Challenges of Christmas Part 1: Challenges 1-6

Challenge #1: How to have an honest holiday celebration A lot of people get really stressed about who they ‘have to’ spend the holidays with. They dutifully go along with what they ‘should’ do, what expectations to meet. They get together with people they don’t

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Why Imperfect Relationships Matter

Read time: 5 minutes   I have always felt that life was meant to be a journey of discovery, of experiencing and exploring the different facets of existence. A long time ago, I discarded the labels ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ Life just is. It has its

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